DITA from Authoring to Building
Author your own DITA content online.
DITA Users need not install anything1 or know XML to begin
topic-based structured writing today. Use the browser-based
DITA Storm editor or buy a desktop <oXygen/> XML editor
to author structured content in your own workspace folder.
A modest investment will help you develop skills you can transfer 
to top DITA XML Editors and XML Content Management Systems
(see the extensive software listings in our Tools A-Z section).
Build and publish to multiple formats.
You can have multiple projects in your personal workspace. Each project includes source files, build files, and output files.
(Docsets from JoAnn Hackos' book are preloaded in your folder.)

Process files to HTML, PDF, Help, and other formats with the
DITA Open Toolkit on our server. Download your deliverables
- or advertise links to your folder to exhibit your work online.

Take our tools for a test drive...
Start a sample project with the online demo2 of our DITA Manager.
- or listen to a tutorial on DITA Users and the DITA Manager.
...then join DITA Users. $50

Members  get their own workspace folder with permanent storage and a listing in our international member directory.
Memberships  get the IBM docsets and discounts for DITA conferences that can more than offset annual membership cost.
Memberships  are renewable at $50/year.
Your member fees  support our network of DITA resource sites - DITA News, Infocenter, DITA Wiki,  - our tutorials (see Flash on the left) and articles (on the right). 

oXygen XML Editor

Use free DITA Storm or buy an <oXygen/> XML editor.

JoAnn Hackos' Introduction to DITA

Buy JoAnn Hackos' book and edit all its docsets in your own workspace folder online at DITA Users.

The online community for the DITA Standard

Inmedius provides DITAStorm editors for DITA Users

Localization Services by Idiom World Server On-Demand

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